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All products marketed and distributed in New Zealand by Eurotech Design Limited are covered by a warranty and is valid for the purchaser from the date of original purchase. The warranty guarantees that any faults arising from defective materials or components, faulty workmanship, or assembly will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the purchaser.



Eurotech Design product warranties are valid for the original purchaser from the original date of purchase. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase.


Refrigeration (Bar Fridge, Fridge/Freezer and Chest Freezers)


Built-in Ovens (Electric and Gas)

Cooktops (Electric, Gas, and Induction)

Freestanding Cookers (Gas and Electric)



Dishwashers (Freestanding and Integrated)

Laundry (Washing Machines and Dryers)


This product has been designed for use in normal domestic use. It is not intended for commercial use. Doing so will void the product warranty.


Any part of a Eurotech Design product deemed to be defective and replaced by Eurotech Design is the property of Eurotech Design. Eurotech Design reserves the right to inspect and test Eurotech Design products in order to determine the extent of any defect and the validity of a claim under the warranty.


Service calls that are not related to any defect in the product. The cost of a service call will be charged if a problem is not found to be a product-related fault.

For example, and not limited to;

• Product/s is not installed and operated in accordance with the operating and installation instructions.

• Product/s is used for commercial use.

• Consumable or parts that degrade from wear and tear, e.g. seals, light bulbs, or filters.

• Glass damage or breakage. • Correcting the installation of the product/s.

• If any serial number has been removed or defaced.

• Replacing house fuses, correct house wiring, or plumbing.

• Correct fault/s caused by the user.

• Blocked pumps or removal of foreign object/s from products.

• Water damage due to incorrect use.

• Noise or vibration that is considered normal, e.g. drain/fan sounds or user warning beeps.

• Correcting damage caused by pests, e.g. rats, cockroaches, etc.

• Corrosion or discolouration due to chemicals.

• Incorrect power voltage used, power outages, or surges.

• The installed product/s do not comply with the New Zealand gas, electrical, and plumbing regulations and codes of practice.

• Repairs when the appliance has been dismantled, repaired or serviced other than by a Eurotech Design authorised service agent.

• Costs of transport, mileage, and travelling time if the product is located beyond 30km of a recognised service agent, or if the roadway requires four-wheel-drive access.


This warranty is an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights and applies only to products purchased in New Zealand. Please register your product/s with Eurotech Design to ensure your warranty is securely logged or keep your proof of purchase.


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